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ASRS System suppliers
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White Bubble Mailer
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P2.5 LED Poster Screen
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ASRS System suppliers
Automatic ASRS System
Automatic Storage Retrieval System consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving loads from defined storage locations.
The systems operate under computerized control, maintaining an inventory of stored items. Retrieval of items is accomplished by specifying the item type and quantity to be retrieved. The computer determines where in the storage area the item can be retrieved from and schedules the retrieval. It directs the proper automated storage and retrieval machine (SRM) to the location where the item is stored and directs the machine to deposit the item at a location where it is to be picked up.
Name: Warehouse Steel ASRS System
1)reduce labor for transporting items into and out of inventory;
2)reduce inventory levels;
3)more accurate tracking of inventory;
4)space savings;
Items are often stored more densely than in systems where items are stored and retrieved manually

Automatic ASRS System is typically used in applications:
There is a very high volume of loads being moved into and out of storage
Storage density is important because of space constraints
No value is added in this process (no processing, only storage and transport)
Accuracy is critical because of potential expensive damages to the load
Pallet Size for reference
Loading capacityLengthWidthHeight
500-1500kg/ pallet800-1500mm800-1500mm1000-2000
Special storage requirements are also available
Please inform us the following information, we can provide a more exact solution for you, thanks!
Details warehouse layout with exact size;
Pallet Size: Length *Depth* Height (H=pallet height + Good height)?
Loading capacity:?kg/pallet
If you are not very sure of above info, please just let us know your storage needs.
Packing & Shipping
Name:ASRS Automatic Storage System
Uprights:pallet size: L=upright height*W1m*H1m-1.1m, total weight is below 2.5T
Bracer:pallet size: L=bracer length*W1.1m*H1.1m
Box Beam:pallet size: L=beam length*W1.1m*H1.1m-1.25m
Shuttle Bus:Carton Packing with steel band to fix
Stacking System:Carton Packing with steel band to fixASRS System suppliers
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White Bubble Mailer
Wenzhou Zhuo Xin packaging Co.,Ltd is one of leading manufacturer specialized in packaging material such as bubble wrap and EPE foam and bags related, we established in 1989 year, have more than 20 years' experience. We have 12000 square meter factory and more than 100 experienced workers.
Our main market is Europe and USA, all our products is eco-friendly and meet ROHS. We are enterprise that is full of the sense of mission, trust, virtue, understanding and teamwork.
The most attractive point of our company is that we provide the opportunity and vast room for growth for everyone who is career-minded and positive.
Since been established in 1989, we insisted the win-win principle between our employees and made full use of the wisdom and talent of them in order to help them achieving goals of life. our biggest mission is to provide good quality, price and service to every customer which do business with us, willing to build long business with every customer.White Bubble Mailer
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P2.5 LED Poster Screen
Our History
Shenzhen Visualeader Industrial Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise founded by members from globally well-known LED display companies in Shenzhen. Its registered capital is RMB50 million.
Our Factory
The core team of Visualeader is one of the pioneering ones for research and deveplopment of displaying technology. Members thereof have assumed numerous scientific and industrialization projects domestically and overseas and are experienced in enterprise capital operation and operation management. Relevant products are widely used for indoor and outdoor media, rental and in events such as Olympics and Worldcup, etc.
Our Certificate
Being equiped with top-rated manufacturing equipments and professional assembly teams, monthly capacity of the Company has reached 3,700 square meters. Products are strictly examined through a set of comprehensive test procedure under the supervision of sophisticated quality management talents and have passed various domestic and international certifications, including CCC, CE, UL, ETL and ROHS.
Our Product
Visualeader is dedicated to providing clients globally with integrated LED display system solutions, covering demand analysis, system design, product research and development, equipment manufacturing and professional service.
Corporate culture of Visualeader:
Corporate Vision: dedicating to the innovation and application of LED display and being a prominent international LED display operation platform
Corporate Mission: providing the best platform for staff development, and creating the indefinite value for clients and society
Corporate Spirit: Cooperation, Diligence, Perseverance
Core Value: Self-motivated for Professionalism, Innovation-oriented for Breakthrough
Talent Concept: Dedicated, Professional, Enterprising
Sincere Service: providing clients with the most considerate service
Quality Concept: take root in quality for the trust of clients and long-term development of the CompanyP2.5 LED Poster Screen
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Military Boots suppliers
The Inflatable Rubber Boots With Valve, Insulated, Cold Weather Rubber (Black) for Wet-Cold Use
Rated down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.
Features An Air Pressure Release Valve, To Be Opened During High-Altitude Flight Or Climbing To Allow Air Pressure Release.
Thick Felt Liners Seal Out Moisture & Cold Air.
Inflatable Rubber Boots With Valve
The boots have been the ultimate in cold weather foot protection since their creation during the Korean War. The air valve on the side of the boot was created to allow pilots to open them prior to flying, ensuring that the air pressure differential between the walls of the boot and the outside air did not cause the boots to rupture.Military Boots suppliers
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Tinted Float Glass suppliers
Product description:
French green tinted Float Glass is produced by adding metal oxides during the manufacturing of clear float glass at the smelting stage to make the glass to be French green. Tinted glass absorbs and re-radiates solar energy reducing heat, providing cost efficient climate control. It also reduces sun glare and is aesthetically appealing.
-low UV transmittance rate and good sunshade efficiency to protect furniture and furnishing fading.
-Energy saving, reducing solar glare and heat transmission.
-Can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated.
-High value creation by color variety of building's exterior appearance
-Ensures Privacy,it is difficult to see in, protecting the privacy of those inside. But, from the inside, it is possible to see the outside clearly
External use of windows, doors, balcony, curtain wall, etc.
Interior glass screens, partitions, balustrades, etc.
Furniture like table tops, showcases, shelves, etc
Mirror glass
Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
Size: from min 150x100mm to max 9000x3300mmTinted Float Glass suppliers
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